Dagrofa to focus on retail chains – sells off foodservice companies

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Dagrofa adjusts its strategy and focus exclusively on the retail future.

“We could easily continue with the strategy we have today. But we want to accelerate our growth in the retail and has therefore decided to focus solely on this in the future. Therefore, the new owners of both Pisiffik and Foodservice Denmark are better suited to develop these companies, “says Per Thau, CEO of Dagrofa.

The plan is a heavy investment in retail, which will benefit the merchants and chains Meny, Kiwi, Spar, Min Købmand and Let-Køb .

“We are already successful in several areas. Consumers have been very welcoming to Meny and Kiwi is one of the fastest growing discount retail chains in the country. So we are growing. We want to accelerate the growth and now puts full focus on retail, “says Per Thau.

Dagrofa will therefore invest heavily in store concepts, new stores and refurbishments, and then Dagrofa will strength backoffice including procurement, IT and HR.

“We are determined to win retail. So now we turn the heat up and put full focus on our chains and adjusting and investing where necessary, to win the market, “says Per Thau, CEO of Dagrofa.

This means that Pisiffik on Greenland gets new owners from New Year. NorgesGruppen and KFI, which is already the largest owners of Dagrofa, takes ownership in Greenland. The next step in the plan will be to find a new owner for Foodservice Denmark, by a controlled process from next year, when the business is excreted from Dagrofa.

The Director of Foodservice Denmark, Henrik Clausen, retires from the Group Management on October 1 this year.

“The entire organization must now be tracked 100 percent into retail, and this may mean some changes to get the optimum focus. More precisely, what it will contain, we continue working with now. The new strategy is, after all, a resolution we have just adopted on the board, “says Per Thau, CEO of Dagrofa.

SuperGros that is Dagrofa’s logistics and wholesale company will change name to Dagrofa Logistics.

“It is not only important for us to play as a unified team, but also to appear as one.”, says Per Thau, CEO of Dagrofa.