Danish December retail sales a disappointment

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The December sales was weaker than expected in Danish retail. Only the food sales reports an increase, while fashion and other consumer goods reports a decline in both volume and value compared to last year.

All on all, the total retail sales in December grew by 0.73 percent and was the same in volume, according to Danish Statistics.

Nevertheless, adjusted for seasonal changes and calendar effects – which Danish Statistics focus on – it was the first decline since May 2015 compared to the month before.

Retail sales in the fourth quarter was then 0.2 per cent higher than in the third quarter, and sales throughout 2015 would be a total of 1.2 percent higher than in 2014 according to Danish Statistics with the figures djusted for price changes, normal seasonal fluctuations and the impact of trading days.

Sales of clothing, etc. fell 4.8 percent in December. This product group represents about 10 percent of total revenue. According to DMI was December unusually hot, and this may mean that sales of winter clothes in December 2015 was less than it normally is in the Christmas month.

Looking at the last quarter of 2015, it was a good quarter for fashion retail. Sales went up by 2.84 percent despite the weak December, which makes it the best of the larger category areas.

In 2015, sales in December were 24.1 percent. higher than this year’s monthly average. In 2014 the corresponding figure was 25.6 percent. In 2013 it was 24.2 percent. and in 2012 it was 23.8 percent.

Internet sales in December accounted for 6.1 percent of the total turnover in the Danish retail companies. December 2014 the proportion was 5.4 percent. The trades consisting of the retail firms that primarily sell their products over the Internet accounted for 66 percent. of the total online shopping. The remaining e-commerce is made in retail establishments that sell primarily through physical stores, but also have an online shop.

The Black Friday effect is hard to make conclusions about in Denmark. It is not as established as in Sweden, but looking at the mailorder houses sales went up by 15 percent in November compared to last year.