Danish electronic giants: ”There is nothing new about Expert’s Power-concept”

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Expert launched its new large concept Power in Denmark two weeks ago, as a completely new concept.

But the competitors are not impressed.

”We’ve seen it before”, say Elgiganten and Euronics managers.

Jesper Boysen, CEO of Expert Denmark, tells Finans.dk he is pleased with the  response from the customers and that it exceeded all his expectations.

But Elgiganten CEO, Peder Stedal, says it is not difficult to open a store and sell things without profit – and it will be settled in the long run who’s the best operating their business. He calls Power an Expert in new colors.

”Their concept reminds a lot about Expert Norway, and I’ve seen Expert Norway”, he says in a finans.dk-interview.

Euronics CEO Tomas Holm Hedehus also says the news Power has launched are no news – such as same price in store and online.

”We do it too. There is so much transparency in the market that consumers expect the same prices,” he says.

Jesper Boysen rejects the idea of Power being a copy of Expert Norway.

”The concept itself is brand new, and we test things of which none of Experts Norwegian businesses try – for instance. electronic price tags. It may be an attempt by Peder Stedal to neglect us, “says Jesper Boysen.


Expert’s operations in Finland on the other hand, has already introduced electronic price tags in their two latest stores with the new concept. You will soon read about on ScandinavianRetail.com