Danish regulations force Biltema to split stores into two smaller

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Biltema has difficulties to build the 30 department stores planned for Denmark.
“There is investments of one billion waiting, but it is too difficult to get permission to use our money and create jobs and competition in Denmark,” says Karsten Pedersen, Director of Biltema in Denmark.
Now circumvents Biltema the Danish zoning laws by making two stores out of one.

The department store chain Biltema, which is specialized in carparts, sailing and biking equipment, hardware tools and some home equipment generally have stores of over 4,000 square meters and would like to remain in retail parks along with other large formats, but the Danish zoning laws require since 2013 that Biltema stores of over 2,000 square meters to be established in the city centers to secure trade in medium-sized cities.

“Those who created the rule has not thought enough about it. In Aalborg, we have 800,000 cars on our parking spaces each year. Many of our customers come with trailer. You do not want to force them into the center of the cities,” says Karsten Pedersen to Børsen.

Plans for the department stores in Kolding and Herning thwarted when the law was introduced.

Now Biltema instead has made a technical change by creating a small shopping center, where a partition parts a Biltema store in two parts, each with separate entrance and checkout.

Karsten Pedersen is angry about being forced to circumvent the law and believes that it does not benefit anyone to divide the store into two parts.

The partition is in use in Rødekro and is scheduled for department stores in Slagelse, Holbæk and Fredericia.

Biltema has so far seven Danish stores and totally 123 department stores in the Nordics.