Danish sports chains’ new focus: Sneakers-concepts

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Too many stores and price wars are described as devastating for the Danish sports market.
Now it’s focusing on sneakers.
Both Intersport and Sportmaster anticipate that it is a fashion phenomenon that will endure.

While sporting goods is an increasing range in fashion chains, the  sports market has begun to incorporate clean fashion concepts.

Earlier this year Sportmaster bought Rezet store with large online sales and a shop in Copenhagen. Now two stores open in Copenhagen and Aarhus in December.
Jens Høgsted, CEO of Sportmaster tells Finans.dk that despite the store expansion, it is the online sales that will dominate the concept.

Intersport has internationally taken over the rights to The Athlete’s Foot – and Obi Sports who now operates Intersport in Denmark have introduced the concept in Denmark. The fourth store will open soon in Kolding StorCenter.

Apart from this, not much happens that is visible to consumers, the chains are trying to improve the internal work and systems to become more efficient and more modern. But individual stores do not have the resources to upgrade or refurbish.

“The big problem is that there are too many square meters on the market. It creates an unhealthy price war and the surplus will be distributed to many players. It’s devastating,” says Jens Høgsted to Finans.dk

He does not exclude that the number of stores will soon decrease in favor of omnichannel efforts. Or that a necessary consolidation takes place in the industry.