Starkki Puukeskus brand replaced by Stark

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After a year as Starkki Puukeskus, DT Group rebrands the merged Finnish building supply chains to Stark.

Logo and design will be the same as in Denmark.

Finland’s largest building and hardware chains now takes the same name as it’s sister company in Denmark. A name that was originally inspired by Finnish Starkki which is named after the founder, Peter Starckjohann.

DT Group concludes that now it is Danish Stark, which gives the inspiration back to Finland.

”It has been important for us to create one shared identity across the two companies Puukeskus and Starkki to have a common ground going forward. By choosing the name Stark we have an important link to a brand with strong values, says Ole Mikael Jensen, president and CEO of DT Group which operates in all Nordic countries.

Stark in Finland will use the same logo and design, which Danish Stark does today. This also means that in the two Stark chains there is and will continue to be many similarities, synergies and common processes that DT Group says can readily be optimised and adopted with regards to Stark Finland.

The director of the current business in Finland, Juha-Pekka Pöntinen, will continue as Director of Stark Finland, just as the two business units Stark Denmark and Stark Finland will continue to be two divisions in the DT Group.

”Stark has updated its commitments to its customers. We have three strong commitments that serve as the basis of our customer service and give us a competitive edge: Reachability, availability and delivery guarantee. We have the most professional and motivated personnel in the field. In addition to the concept, the personnel are the decisive added value of our customer service,” says Juha-Pekka Pöntinen.

Stark does not want to comment on the costs for the rebranding that means relabeling everything and a new website.

”We have changed the whole store network of 35 in Finland today at one go basically. Of course there will be some touch ups in stores but in practice all signs have been changed today,” communications manager Malla Palmén tells in a mail.

Stark’s strategy is to be a professional partner for companies in the construction business, but says consumers are another important customer group.  Stark is also present in all major cities in Finland.

In Sweden, Beijer Byggmaterial, and in Norway, Neumann, are the similar brands for DT Group. In Denmark, DT Group also runs more consumer oriented business through Silvan.