Dansk Supermarked to launch mobile payments in 566 stores

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Føtex Storcenter Nord in Aarhus starts offering mobile phone checkout from today. The store will be the first supermarket in Denmark which allows customers to pay for their purchases with a mobile phone.

Dansk Supermarked expects that the Mobile Pay solution will be in use in all 566 supermarkets within Føtex, Salling and Netto, before the year is over. 

Over the next month four other stores around the country will go into a trial period.

We think this will be the future mobile payment solution for large chain stores throughout the Danish retail. It is a very customer-friendly and intuitive solution where you get the amount directly on the mobile screen and approve payment by swiping. At the same time it is based on the mobile phone, which most Danes always have at hand,” says the director of e-commerce & digital at Dansk Supermarked, Kenneth Nielsen.

He emphasizes that it is the customers who determine the rate of expansion of mobile payment in Danish Supermarket.

We have over 200 million payments a year in Denmark. It would not surprise me if five percent of them come from cell phones at summer next year. We are still very happy with the Dankort, and see mobile payments as a new and promising addition to cards and cash, he says.

Danske Bank considers MobilePay-payment at the checkout in Dansk Supermarked as a major step forward to improve the customer experience around payment in larger chain stores in Danish retail.

The head of MobilePay division of Danish Bank, Mark Wraa-Hansen describes the product as user friendly as card payment and promise that the new mobile payment solution will be further strengthened in order to create added value for customers.

This Is only the beginning. We will improve the product, while putting more intelligent and innovative possibilities into the MobilePay. Already this year we open the example for easy access to save receipts mobile,” he says.

Dansk Supermarked already uses MobilePay in Starbucks’, coffee shops in Salling, before the suprmarket introduction.

It does not end here. We can still spot a number of projects in which Danish Bank and we together we can create better mobile payment solutions,” says Kenneth Nielsen, Danish Supermarket.

Movie about MobilePay at Føtex.