Dansk Supermarked to switch 80,000 fluorescent tubes

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Dansk Supermarked launches another saving program.

But this time it’s about energy, 80,000 fluorescent tubes will be replaced with LED.

Millions of dollars to save by replacing  with LED. Danish Supermarket replace 80,000 tubes in 500 stores.

Dansk Supermarked’s million investment aims to replace the light sources in over 500 stores – Bilka, Føtex and Netto stores in Denmark as well as Swedish and German Netto.

”LED tubes provide an electricity saving of 53 per cent and LED tubes last about three times as long as traditional tube,” says Ulrik Leth, project manager and electrical engineer to Berlingske Business.

The money will be recouped in a few years, while the energy consumption and the environmental impact is reduced.