Decathlon to be launched online in Denmark and Norway

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European sports giant Decathlon expands its business to Denmark and Norway – online.

A launch of a country-dedicated e-commerce site is set to next year.

The .no and .dk sites of Decathlon now says they will be online in 2016. Previously an online market entrance was set to this year.

This means a sort of comeback in Denmark and a debute in Norway. Finland’s already an option on the .com-site with prices in EUR. Sweden is the Nordic country where Decathlon has a physical presence, so far with two stores opened – but the first 7000 square meter flagship was closed after three years which CEO Amir Golkar has talked about as a test. A lot of expansion plans has changed or been cancelled since Decathlon entered Sweden, but Amir Golkar said as he took position as CEO 15  months ago that e-commerce was the priority now.

Decathlon entered Sweden at the same time as XXL with plans for ten stores – and the development has been the opposite. Now they will have an online battle in Norway. And the Nordic online-dominant Sportamore is present in both Norway and Denmark.

Previously XXL leader Fredrik Steenbuch told Dagens Naeringsliv  that thinks he knows the French competitor well, and does not appear to be appreciably concerned.
”XXL chose to go a completely different direction, with main focus on their own brands. The concept of Decathlon’s great in many countries. They have learned customers to prefer self-produced cheap goods rather than brands. But the concept can never win out among quality and price-conscious Northerners.” he told the paper.

”Dechatlon is in my eyes the sports industry Lidl. And what happened in Norway, we all know.”