Delivery boxes moves into residential areas

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The new delivery boxes that are going through pilot projects across Scandinavia has now also found its way into residential buildings.
Attempts have been made in Denmark and now a residential area in Stockholm will receive the service in the stairwell.

The company Combiplate has already installed boxes in properties in Paris in cooperation with LaPoste and next year citizens in in Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm can get larger package directly home, next to the drawer.
Several e-commerce and logistics operators are involved in a pilot project, writes DN.

“Our ambition is to start immediately after the summer and install close-to-home package boxes in the 15-20 block of flats in Hammarby Sjöstad,” says Göran Nylén, CEO of Combiplate and project manager.
“They should be able to both receive and return the package in the box.”

The recipient receives just as in other solutions a text message that a package has been delivered and can be accessed via the mobile phone to get a code to open the box.

”Our experience from France shows that customers shop more and return the goods faster if they are not satisfied. Customers often make a return within a few hours, and retrievs the package at latest the day after, “says Göran Nylén.

The next step will be to offer food delivery.

”Grocery bags are very interesting and we want to involve food suppliers in the project. But then we must find solutions to deal with food and offering special boxes with better insulation or cooling,” says Göran Nylén.

Scandinavia’s largest logistics operator Postnord says to DN that they have tested the package boxes on 500 households in Denmark with a good result. But according to Arne B Andersson, e-commerce specialist in Postnord, yet it is still a viable business model in Sweden.

DHL is trialing the service in Germany.