Despite the crisis – Danish gourmet stores doing well

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Things are going well for the Danish gourmet stores in an otherwise pressured the retail industry.
Berlingske Business has, on the basis of more than 35 of the country’s most well-known and used gourmet shops, analyzed the extent to which – and for whom – it pays to invest in luxury food products.
The study shows that among the 36 selected gourmet shops there has been an increase in gross profit of 36 percent from 2010 to 2012.
And the Danish consumers are willing to pay a little extra for the good chocolate, licorice or good bread. Consumer Consultant and Partner at Birch & Birch, Camilla Birch, told Berlingske Business that consumers buy gourmet products when they will add a little luxury to their every day life but perhaps can not afford a new bag. At the same time the exclusive food is something you want to show up for your guests.
The analysis paints a positive picture of the development of companies’ top line, but also shows that there are significant differences in the ability to make money: Where individual companies, such as Summerbird, generating huge profits, the overall picture is more mixed. A few of the companies have decidedly blood red numbers on the bottom line.
You can find the full report here.