Different top sales days during the holidays season

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Swedish Christmas sales peak on Christmas Day – but in Norway they are expected to peak today.

”Last year’s turnover this day was insanely strong and Elkjøp Group in Norway alone had a turnover of about 100 million NOK. With us, we talk about “The Three Big”: The start of the New Year sales on January 3, Black Friday and just the Christmas sales, says CEO Elkjøp, Atle Bakke.

Swedish Elgiganten claims the interest in the post-Christmas sales have never been greater. Christmas day is consolidating its position as the biggest trading day of the year.
And more customers than ever before chose to visit Elgiganten at yesterday’s sale-start. The big seller for the day were large TVs. The strong sound trend also resulted in a high demand for headphones, wireless speakers, home audio and soundbars. Even media players such as Apple TV and Google Chromecast increases sharply in demand.

”Interest in the post-Christmas sales will continue to grow. Despite a successful seasonal Black Friday in the back we reached last year’s record strong sales during Christmas Day, thus consolidating its position as our strongest trading throughout the year. Altogether, we know that we have made very many customers satisfied with their visit to us and it is extremely gratifying,” says Niclas Eriksson, CEO of Elgiganten.

”This year, customers have almost exclusively chosen to buy quality products with better specifications and a higher average price. We see this in all product groups, but particularly in the audio segments and TV where the big screens with the latest technology dominates demand,” says Niclas Eriksson.

According to Media Markt. The Christmas gift of the year, a robot vacuum cleaner, has increased by 140 percent in sales after the award.

Black Friday is the rising star – 27 November – Elkjøp in Norway had sales for around 255 million NOK this year. In 2014 however, the first weekday after Christmas holidays was the greatest regarding turnover.

Due to opening hour regulations, Norwegian CEO, believes that the first working day after the Christmas holidays are becoming increasingly important as trading day in Norway. But there are also other differencies between the countries.
”There is no reason to deny that offers this day are very solid. With us we run January prices already from the Christmas sales,” says Elkjøp boss.