Digital refurbishment in building and hardware sector

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The building merchants are moving their sales online – following the customers.

According to a report from HUI Research and Bauhaus the projected construction trade online will be doubled within five years, from 6 percent to 12 percent. This requires more digital players and well functioning logistics and supply.

Eight trendsetters and industry representatives were interviewed in a new trend study on building trade from HUI Research and Bauhaus. It also includes a consumer survey among 1,000 people representative of the population of Sweden. The survey was conducted during March / April 2015th

Half of the consumers surveyed are interested in building and rebuilding, but only 7 percent purchased a majority of its building products online before their latest construction project.
The reason is that the building trade has so far been relatively invisible online with only a few players. Increasingly e-commerce-savvy consumers who want to implement their construction projects, however, that the industry is exploding on the web. The building trade is undergoing a digital refurbishment is obvious.

Builders merchants online reported sales of approximately 2 billion SEK in 2014, a growth of 33 percent compared with the year before. Online sales now accouns for 6 percent of the total construction sector in Sweden. The forecast is 12 percent within five years, ie a doubling of the network portion.

The incentives for consumers include convenience, information and inspiration. Consumers behave more digitally than before and after a building ware purchase. The Internet has overtaken newspapers and magazines as the most important source of inspiration for the building project. 41 percent of survey respondents sought inspiration online before their latest construction project. The corresponding figure for newspapers and magazines was 32 percent. Social media like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest has become the inspiration consumer mecca and they can today be inspired wherever they are thanks to their smartphones.

“Bauhaus online sales increased by 50 percent in 2014. In 5 years, our online sales will account for 20 percent of our total sales. The network offers new opportunities and for us it is all about providing what our customers want and to assist them in the purchase process, “says Johan Saxne, Marketing Director Bauhaus.

The industry has great potential to meet future consumer by meeting the great interest in the renovation of expertise and the digital part of the activities. Challenges are however, not least when it comes to getting the logistics and supplies to operate. To forecast to be achieved is also required that the sales of larger modules, lumber and tools taking off onlin