Diligentia certifies all shopping centers for sustainability

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Property owner Diligentia have made a decision to make an environmental inventory of all its properties before 2017 according to the certification system ‘Miljöbyggnad’ operated by Sweden Green Building Council (SGBC).

According to an announcement, he purpose of the inventory is to get a clear picture of an individual property’s environmental status and to see how to improve it. Until 2014 Diligentia sustainability department who leads the project, has inventoried about 50% of the total property portfolio.

”The project is an important part of Diligentia’s overall sustainability efforts,” Diligent writes.

A completed inventory in combination with an environmental certification of a property provides proof that the house has good environmental status. Working with certification reflects the demands of the industry-wide green leases as Diligentia works with a host of their tenants. In close cooperation provides operations staff and management Sustainability Department with important information and material about the various sites.

”We have a close cooperation with SGBC when it comes to sustainability issues and the development of buildings and neighborhoods,” says Helena Lundborg, sustainability and business development manager, Diligentia.

”Inventorying and environmental certification for our properties is important not only for us, but we want to act as a role model for property owners and the Swedish real estate industry as a whole. We see this as a long term step highlighting sustainable real estate and take urban development to a higher level: Sustainability 2.0,” concludes Lundborg.

In the inventory process 14 or 15 indicators are to be measured, depending on whether it refers to an existing or a new building. Some of these indicators are energy, sound environment, daylighting and radon.  The results and following improvements are being made for a possible certification under the Green Building Gold, Silver or Bronze. In November 2014 seven of Diligentia’s properties was certified according to Green Building, three schools in Malmö, three offices in Stockholm / Sundbyberg and the bodywork of the hotel Scandic Rubinen in Gothenburg.