Discount giant’s charter flight for shoppers sold out

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On Monday, November 10th, the first of two planned flights with destination Gekås Ullared, departs  from Skellefteå Airport.
After two days of shopping it flies the customers back to Skellefteå.

Gekas Ullared in the south west of Sweden is Scandinavia’s largest department store, and with 4.5 million visits annually also the largest tourist destination.
The interest for the trips to this mecca of shopping has been great and the seats are long since sold out.
The current shopping trips are a unique collaboration between Ullared Aviation, Scandjet, Jönköping Airport and Skellefteå Airport that due to its location is seen as a strategic important hub for air travelers and thus shoppers customers from northern Sweden.

Swedish tv Kanal 5 has over a number of seasons sent Reality Series “Ullared” describing everyday life in and around the Småland store. Two of the most well-known faces from the series, Ola-Conny and Morgan, accompanies the premiere aviation to provide travelers from Skellefteå an extra warm welcome to Ullared.
Strix Television which produces the series is on location at Skellefteå Airport to document the event.