Dixons’ CEO about Expert-move: ”We are not worried”

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Elkjøp Group has been prepared for Expert to grow stronger and make their first move.
When ScandinavianRetail.com met the CEO of the owner, Dixons, he said he was looking forward to take the fight with Expert.
”We are not at all worried about Expert or anybody else in Denmark”, said Sebastian James.

Since Expert started hiring key people from the Elkjøp Group, the CEO of the European giant Dixons had his eyes on the chain.
ScandinavianRetail.com met him 2013 to talk about Scandinavia where the main battle has been in Sweden towards Media Saturn’s chain Media Markt.
”I think Expert will definitely be more competitive. We are quite looking forward to it”, he says.
Elkjøp then already had replaced a few key positions in Sweden and Norway. Sebastian James said he was happy with his Scandinavian organization and prepared for next battle. Almost counting out Media Markt.
”I need to have my team match fit when a strong competitor comes, so I’m keen to have a little fight now to get the team fit.”
Expert will try to copy the Elkjøp-concept which has been a key to its Scandinavian success.
”Scandinavia is very cost efficient and have very high store density. But compared to other Scandinavian players we have a single supply chain which is an advantage. Our Jönköping warehouse gives us the ability to serve all our four markets which is extremely efficient.”
And now Elgiganten won’t be the only big box concept in its category in Denmark.
“Denmark has been a fantastic story for us. We taught the customer the benefits of the big store where you can see the full range. And the customers have overwhelmingly chosen that format over the small shops which means we’ve been growing with double digits for three or four years now. So we are now the market leader by miles and we are not at all worried about Expert or anybody else in Denmark – so it is a great story”, Sebastian James said.