El-salg choose Electra Group as new supplier

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Danish El-Salg expands its range of consumer electronics products to television, mobile phones, photo, and data.
Swedish Electra Group will be main supplier.

Both El-Salg and Electra are members of Euronics International, which has opened up for a strategic cooperation.
”We see the partnership with Electra Group as an important strategic decision. We are able to expand our product line by offering our franchise clients consumer electronics products via Electra’s stock in Kalmar. We know that Electra has extensive experience in delivering goods and have agreements with all suppliers that are important for us”, says Tomas Holm Hedehus, President of El-Salg A / S in Denmark.
He also adds that logistics and IT expertise are two important factors that Electra possess.
170 stores in Denmark currently runs under the El-Salg brand. White goods and kitchen electronics have been a major product so far.
Electra provides Swedish traders in their chain profiles Audio Video, Digitalbutikerna and Ring Up with goods and purchasing system. When Swedish Expert went bankrupt many independent retailers chose to take the step to Electra .
”We are very pleased that our strategic efforts to grow in the Nordic countries is progressing. This initiative, along with El- Salg in Denmark is a part of our effort to become a clear alternative for independent store owners the in the Nordic countries”, says Anneli Sjöstedt, CEO of Electra Group.
She sees the collaboration as a part of Electra growth investment in the Nordics
”This is also a true proof for the work and effort Euronics International is doing to strengthen and develop its position in the Nordic countries”, says Anneli Sjöstedt.