Electronics sales improved after weak start

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The Swedish Electronics industry had a weak start to the year, but in February, the value of total sales were one percent better than the same month last year.

Looking back over the year’s first two months, however, the sales value is seven percent less than 2015.
”It is a dark start to the year, but we still see glimmers of hope. The value seen across all product groups increased slightly and large TV screens and mobile phones hold positions in February,” says Klas Elm, CEO of Elektronikbranschen.
Action cameras continues to increase, although the growth rate decreased after the success-like sales in 2015. The increase during the first two months is three percent. Even audio products continues to increase, despite the fact that last year’s sales were remarkably large, plus six percent accumulated over in 2016.
IT sector’s bad trend, however, last. All product categories shows negative figures for both February and cumulatively for the first two months, compared with the corresponding periods in 2015. And sales of tablets had started to decline already last winter.