Elgiganten expands with larger stores

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Elgiganten continues to invest in new and modern stores – not only by their converting Phone House stores. Today, Tuesday, 22 September, a new department store opens in Norrtälje and on Friday, 25 September is the time for Halmstad. Both stores have expanded the business and moved to new addresses with larger retail space and the possibility of a wider range.

”The modernization of our stores is intimately connected with our customer focus and was a major contributor to our positive results last fiscal year. By investing in modern department stores, we enhance the experience and make it easier for customers to shop at the same time, we can now present an even wider range of products and services,” says Niclas Eriksson, CEO of Elgiganten.

Kitchen has now become a standard feature of Elgiganten department stores.

”Epoq-kitchen and our service concept, Know-How, are two of our strongest growing areas and it is of course something we consider as we re-establish and expand. On the kitchen side is about to give space for kitchen exhibitions and employ specially trained sellers. At the same time, we are strengthening the Know-How service at our support center with specially trained staff,” says Niclas Eriksson.

In Halmstad’s department store now also a Business Center with personal service and key account managers for all corporate clients.