Elgiganten to ”stop screaming” in new marketing concept

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Elkjøp Group invests 20 million in new advertising concept for the entire Nordic region, which is primarily designed to be branding and tone down the sales message.

”We have been screaming for years. The new advertising concept will contain less “come and buy” and more warmth and charm through our fantastic characters. I really hope that the customers like what they see, “says Swedish CEO Niclas Eriksson.

But the animated main characters are already criticized for stereotypical gender roles.

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Media Markt abandoned its muppet Mark – but now Elgiganten picks up a related idea. Animated characters will tell about offers and the what happens in the store after closing.
The new concept begins tomorrow, starting in Sweden. The goal is to create a more unified advertising profile that can be used throughout the Nordic region.

“If the commercials will be appreciated by our customers, this will be a concept that Elgiganten will continue to focus on and which will shape our marketing for a long time to come,” says CEO Niclas Eriksson in a comment.
“The messages are the same, we will continue to talk about low prices, great products and offers, but in a much more charming way than before. We have been screaming for years and with the new advertising concept we wish to approach customers with more warmth and charm through our animated characters”.

The main character is the card reader Cardie – “a hard-working guy.”

“Both ourselves, our customers and our products have changed a lot in recent years. The products we sell have an increasingly important role in people’s daily lives and the customers have different expectations and puts greater demands on us than before, “says Niclas Eriksson.

He also says that it does not just mean that you have to secure high skills among staff, but it also affects how you meet and communicate with customers.

But Media Markt, was criticized for its German-produced advertising concept last Christmas, when the protagonists characterized the old gender roles.
Now Elgiganten receives similar criticism, with animated characters.

On the company’s Facebook page people are criticizing the chain to play on and reinforce gender stereotypes in the new commercial.

“There is, first, a male majority, and the two female products had as single characteristics  that one is stupid, blogger and pink and the other is there as someone’s girlfriend. Feels a bit outdated and dull,” writes one user .

Elgiganten says that they have tried to create their characters with humor and with the aim to build a good story and that it will work a lot with different characters and new will be presented further on.