Elgiganten: Summer sales started with a new record

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Elgiganten is happy about the cold Swedish summer so far.
First-day of summer sales indicated an increase of 20 per cent against the previous year.
Last year Elgiganten increased sales by 43 percent in summer sales first day. It was beaten this year. First sale date, sales increased by 20 percent and customer flow by 18 percent.
According to Elgiganten first day of summer sales has increased by 63 percent the past two years.
“This is proof that customers really appreciate the summer sale. Despite the world cup and the fact that the sale started two days before payday, even more customers chose to come to us this year”, says Niclas Eriksson, CEO of Elgiganten, in a statement.
The biggest rush was on to the store in Linköping which had 88 percent more visitors during the first sale day. The store in Borlänge 66 percent more visitors, Norrköping 37 percent and the store in Gavle sought out 35 percent more customers this year against last year.
“Summer sales are starting to be incorporated in the same way as Christmas sales. People know it’s coming and they can prepare for the holidays and upgrade the home and summer cottage”, says Niclas Eriksson.
Sales increased in all segments, but mostly in television, which increased by 31 percent. A sharp increase in sales started the month before the world cup.
“The sale confirms the trend we have seen in recent years, with simple products may give way for more expensive products with higher technical specifications. Prices remain important, shown by the influx of customers, but customers are becoming more aware and would rather pay a little more to get exactly the product and the product features they need and want”, says Niclas Eriksson.