Elgiganten won’t put Megastore-label on new stores

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Except for its size, Elgiganten’s Megastore-concept has lost its uniqueness.
In the coming year all standard stores will get the same concept, but without the addition Megastore. Now the electronics chain evaluates its largest concept.

When Elgiganten started to open so-called megastores few years ago, it was not just the size that separated them from standard stores.
“They had elements that the other had not, like b2b, kitchen department and a know-how-disc,” says Jessica Wallin, CIO at Elgiganten in Sweden.
But going forward all regular Elgiganten will contain the same elements, but on a smaller scale. What remains is only the size difference.
Jessica Wallin says that they are reviewing the implications of the Megastore label.
“I still think the stores will continue to be called Megastore, but we will not necessarily label larger stores to it,” she says.
When the chain the other day announced its major investment in new stores, none of the new stores were a megastore – nor any extensions will be called megastore.
In the stores the kitchen exhibitions Elgiganten will get even bigger place.
“It is intimately connected to appliances. Customers want to see and buy integrated solutions and many appliances are difficult to display in a nice way, “says Jessica Wallin.

Competitor Siba will be converted to Netonnet and expands further with a pronounced low price strategy.
In addition, Expert has announced its return to Sweden, with the Power-label, which has a strategy to be competing mainly on price.
Elgiganten will focus on accessibility as an extra leg.
“We have had a pretty fierce competition in a few years. It’s silly to focus on other players, “says Jessica Wallin.
70 percent of the store openings next 12 months are therefore Elgiganten Phone House and will involve several double-ups.
“They complement each other, many regular stores require a car or public transport availability.”