Elon and Elkedjan to get a new CEO

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EEL Group, owner of Elon and Elkedjan, re-organizes.

Christian Borrell will take over as CEO of the operational company and Christer Larsson move inte a more strategic role as President and CEO of the holding company.

White goods and electronics purchasing and logistics group EEL with over 400 stores in Sweden and a turnover of 3.4 billion makes a restructuring of the Group.
At the top is the parent company EEL Holding AB, with six subsidiaries, including EEL AB with chains ELON and Elkedjan, EEL Technology, Canvac and FDT.

The current CEO Christer Larsson will continue as president and CEO of the EEL Holding AB, and have a strategic role with an emphasis on business development.

The operational work on the EEL AB is taken over by Christian Borrell, former CFO and now the new CEO of the company. According to the CEO Christer Larsson, the new organization will enable a continued good development:

”We do this to increase our efficiency and to expand further. New businesses will be presented later in the year. Our good profitability also shows the strength of specialist retail in Sweden.

At the same time EEL builds Sweden’s largest white goods inventory of 55 000 sqm in Örebro.