Euronics grows with former Danish Expert merchants

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The first Danish shop of 20 under the European Euronics concept opens its doors in Ikast

”We have planned a launch of a number of new stores around the country on January 1”, says El-Salg-director Tomas Holm Hedehus.

Danish El-Salg  is owned by 150 independent stores, all members of purchasing group Euronics, and has the right to open Euronics-branded stores in Denmark.

Many of the merchants have had stores in other concepts such as Expert.

”It’s usually people who have been in business for many years, wishing a makeover where they are not as tied to a very tight concept.

15-20 new stores under the Euronics-brand are planned. They will compete with expanding, and bigger, Expert-stores and with Elgiganten’s dominance. But Tomas Holm Hedehus think Euronics has its place in the Danish consumer electronics market.

”Here lies the strength  to act locally. This means that if they want to focus on a specific type of product in the warehouse in Ikast, they can do it. It is the combination of a large volume and autonomy that makes it. Great prices, services and local presence are the key words here,” he says.

At the same time he also believes that Euronic’s European base will make a difference to the more Nordic embossed concepts that competitors originates.

”The Nordic countries within the retail sale of this type of products are very different. It is enormously difficult to create synergies in the Nordic because e-commerce in Norway and Sweden remains low, while the Danes shop online in a big way. It is crucial for the level of prices in a market if the pricing is driven by internet trade or not. The Danish consumer purchase behavior reminds more of the Dutch and the British, and therefore Euronics is a perfect match for the Danish market,” says Tomas Holm Hedehus

”It is important to emphasize that we have a low cost centrally.”

The new Euronics stores, won’t be located in shopping centres or street locations,.

”The products we sell are often white goods, and we are therefore in a convenient distance to the consumer”, he tells

The Ikast-store is according to Herning Folkeblad on 700 square meters at Siriusvej 1 where Expert closed down earlier this year.

El-Salg and Euronics previously made an agreement with Swedish Electra Group to expand its product range.