Expert CEO Lars Christensen resigns

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Lars Christensen, the Group CEO of Expert in the Nordics, suddenly leaves his job.
The reason: He is tired of staying at a hotel in Oslo for three years.
”This is a decision in good faith and mutual understanding,” says Lars Christensen.

Lars Christensen tells Børsen there are no disagreements and he has not been fired.
But the short-term solution in 2011, living in Aarhus and working in Oslo became permanent,and its the travelling that has lead to this decision.
”It became three years where my assignment was to turnaround our business and rebuild the organization as needed,” he tells Børsen.
”But I have to confess three years at a hotel with many working hours has been a bit too tough, so I long to move home to my family and get some stabilizing in my life again.
One of the first things in 2011 was to stop the leaking operations, so Sweden closed down after a bankruptcy. This year the group made a profit and has launched a very aggressive plan for Denmark.
He will be replaced by Norwegian Ronny Blomseth, one of many Elkjøp-recruitments during the last years. Lars Christensen will also keep his shares in Expert.