Expert-chain goes Media Markt – opens 25 megastores to compete with Elgiganten

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Expert will start a new chain of megastores to compete with Elgiganten.
According to CEO Jesper Boysen it’s one of the biggest implementations ever made in Danish retail.
”It will for sure be 20 new department stores within five years”, Jesper Boysen says.

Expert has the last year hired several former Elgiganten employees who are capable to copy the competitor’s successful structure, a process that already started before the chain’s bankruptcy in Sweden with a logistic center in Sweden, serving all Nordic countries. Logistics and purchasing power has been the most important factor in the Swedish consumer electronics price war.
Today Expert has 150 stores labeled Expert or Punkt 1 and totally 310 member stores, in Denmark.
With a new chain of electronics stores, the former danish Elgiganten-CEO Jesper Boysen, who is now director of the Norwegian owned Expert, take on his former work, the paper Børsen notes.
Børsen writes that Jesper Boysen and Expert is ready with a plan to open 20-25 new electronics stores on some of the best locations in Denmark. Starting next year, with a 3 500 square meters store at the Disa shopping center in Herlev.
When Jesper Boysen last year came to Expert, he took 25 people with him from Elgiganten. Therefore, they are all well inside the structure, which among other things has helped to ensure Elgiganten’s success. The knowledge is now transferred to Expert, who is, according to Jesper Boysen, is implementing one of the largest conversions ever seen in Danish retail.
”We have replaced our danish warehouse, implemented a new IT-system, new logistics partner and a new direction”
”I can tell you, it’s not new to to the people that was hired for Expert Denmark to launch new big stores”, Jesper Boysen tells Børsen.
Elgiganten might be prepared after successfully fighting Media Markt in Sweden – but former CEO of Elgiganten in Sweden, Anders Nilsen, as well as former establishment director in Denmark, Jan Riise, is now part of the Expert-team.
Sebastian James, CEO of Dixons who owns Elgiganten, has previously told that Elgiganten taught Denmark to shop consumer electronics in big stores.
According to Børsen, the