Expert gave away products free in campaign failure

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Expert Norge launced a marketing campaign for Christmas with 100 NOK discount on an order.
But a technical failure lead to Expert giving away all products under 100 NOK for free.
When discovered, the campaign was stopped but a consumer storm hit Expert in social media from people who could not use their discount at checkout.

”Today 100 NOK discount on all products on”, wrote the company in their newsletters at month-end. The idea was to take away 100 NOK from the total. But Experts technical systems did it on all items, so every item under 100 NOK became free.

Some individuals knew how to take advantage of it. have seen a confirmation where nearly a hundred items to several thousand dollars were sent to the customer practically free.

45 orders were checked thoroughly. Some of these were stopped, because of the order size. Some customers also received offers of vouchers as an apology, up to several hundred NOK.

”We do not want to give away hundreds of items for free, so we had a dialogue with the affected clients,” says Sven Erik Vaagenes at to Dinside.

But the customers were not all happy with this. Those who could not use de discount coupon and some who got their order cancelled complained in different forums and on’s Facebook page.

The campaign has not returned either, although Expert promised this which has lead to new complaints.
”We are trying to clean up this campaign, and quality secure systems and people, before we go out with such a campaign again,” says Vaagenes.