Facebookstorm against sextalking staff at Joe & the juice

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Lisa Björt Nygaard Monday visited Joe & the juiceFields at Amager with his two young daughters, but got a lot more than she ordered.

The staff spoke loudly about their own and their colleagues’ private thoughts and actions, so she left the juice bar in shock and wrote a complaint on the chain’s Facebook page, Extrabladet reports.
”We may have been with you for 30 minutes, but during the half hour we were able to hear a lot of interesting details about your and your colleagues’ privacy. We could hear how one of you had ‘made​​’ an ugly girl at the weekend because ‘girlfriend was out and travel, and therefore should just be fucked’. Then you are obviously not that picky, even the ugly girls can ‘get a piece’ of you.”
”We could also keep track of how all the girls who entered were judged ‘totally nice’, ‘semi’, ‘ok with the lights off’ and other more or less flattering words. There were shown images of the mentioned ugly girl, and I heard one of you brag about that when you and your friends go out, then you are busy to treat girls ‘as bummer as possible'”, writes Lisa Björt Nygaard whose children also could hear the conversation.
Simon Nielsen, Brand Police and Academy Leader at Joe & the juice, wrote in a response on Facebook that he was sorry and that the matter will be taken care of.
So far thousands have clicked “like” and and several hundreds have comment the message.