Fashion portal Miinto grows fast outside Denmark

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Miinto, the fashion sales portal for 1300 stores, is growing fast.

Last years sales are expected to be over 250 million DKK, which means a growth of 60 percent.

The idea of Miinto is to sell products for small businesses with a commission.

“We don’t have any stock. Therefore we can handpick companies that sell a certain brand and put it online fast – which means we can respond to trends much faster than competitors who need to place an order first. And they won’t get it until next year”m says Konrad A. Kierklo, COO and founder of Miinto, to

Sales in Denmark are now less than 50 percent of the total turnover. Sweden and Norway are the most increasing markets.

”Our concept has become more sharp in time – and we’ve found out how to enter new markets in the best way. This is where our focus is now. It’s great to be successful in Denmark, but the big money is abroad”, says Kierklo who confirms he’s been looking into the UK and Ireland, but also U.S.A.

He also opens up for more than fashion on Miinto.

“We’d like to reflect the development in physical stores. Many of them goes from fashion textiles to lifestyle stores. That is a trend we´d also like to catch, at least we’d like to try it.”