Finnish consumer confidence recovers

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Finnish consumer confidence recovered slightly in November.

The consumer confidence indicator stood at 4.7 in November, having been 1.3 in October and 4.2 in September. In last year’s November the value was 2.6. This according to Statistics Finland.

In November, consumers regarded the time fairly favourable for taking out a loan but not for buying durable goods nor for saving. Employed consumers felt personally more threatened by unemployment than usual, as was the case also in October and one year ago.

Still, 44 percent of consumers considered the time favourable for buying durable goods. Nineteen per cent of households were planning to spend money on renovating their dwelling within a year.

Greater Helsinki and Northern Finland has a brighter view of the economy than the rest of the country. Among population groups, upper-level salaried employees were most optimistic. Pensioners and unemployed persons had the gloomiest expectations concerning economic development.