First Social Supermarket open for everyone

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Now Matmissionen, Scandinavia’s first Social Supermarket has opened.
Unlike the common European concept, everyone who wants to shop in the store is welcome.

Matmissionen Foto: Stefan Nilsson

Foto: Stefan Nilsson

On Tuesday  Stadsmissionen, The City Mission, opened up the shop doors to the public at Matmissionen in Rågsved in southern Stockholm.
The store will not provide a full range as a normal store, but sell current surplus goods.

The people living on income support, established reimbursement, activity support, warranty, compensation, guarantee pension, or a daily allowance from the Migration Board are welcome to become members in the shop and then get shopping for a third of the price. Members get to shop for a maximum of 250 SEK per week after discount.
But in the Swedish model, it is important that the store is open to all.

”Everyone is welcome to shop at the store and thus contribute to reduced food waste and our work for a better society for all,” says Marika Markovits, director of Stockholm City Mission.

She stresses that the store is a pilot project, but hope that more grocery stores of this kind ill be opened in other locations around Sweden in the coming years.

The store will be have 5 people in job training / placement and more are on the way in.
”We are extremely pleased that we can offer even more people job and thus be able to approach an employment,” says Marika Markovits.

The store can never guarantee a full range of products. Goods in Matmissionen will be close to the best-before date, or are for other reasons not possible to sell in a regular store. It may be due to minor injuries in the outer packaging or large overstock at suppliers due to inaccurate forecasts.

The store is established in collaboration between Stockholm City and Axfood with chains Willys, Hemköp and Axfood Snabbgross, where Stockholm’s City Mission owns and is responsible for operation of the store and Axfood is co-founder and assists with food, finance and knowledge. Behind the pilot project are also a dozen co-funders who support with goods and financial and expert support.

Antonia Ax:son Johnson, principal owner of the Axfood Group and with a past as longstanding Chairman of the Stockholm City Mission fully supports the project.
– I feel Stockholm City Mission well over 20 years. They work with great empathy for people in need, is earthy, fearless and persevering. If this commitment could be combined with reducing the huge amount of food that is thrown away, it is an unbeatable recipe.

Matmissionen.  Foto: Stefan Nilsson

Foto: Stefan Nilsson