First urban drone delivery arrived – with some difficulties

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Minister of Transport and Communications, Anne Berner, received the first drone delivered package in a Finnish city today.

Due to strong winds, the package was delivered a bit different than planned.

Posti, with and technique provider Sharpershape, delivered a 3 kilos parcel to the fortress Suomenlinna near the Helsinki port. It is a four day pilot aimed to see how the technique works – and as it appears – get good publicity.


The robocopter made its first flight over the water as planned, but the landing spot with photographers waiting was changed in last minute due to the strong wind and passed over the heads of the waiting people, reports Finnish media.

The flight unit is automatic and acts according to the flight plan – but there are people in control,”  says  Tero Heinonen from SharperShapen to Iltalehti.

The robocopter carried a 3 kilo parcel, but is said to be able to carry 5-7 kilo.

Totally, 15 flights will be performed during this week if the weather allows it.