Former Media Markt CEO to challenge Tretti and Elon online

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Two years after he left the CEO position at Media Markt in Sweden, Mikael Hagman is back with a new project:
He will be selling home appliances online, backed up by Finnish giant
“There is no specialist competence online in appliances. Specialist retailers in Sweden have a unique position, ” he tells

Mikael Hagman’s new company Vitvaruexperten Nordic AB was founded in the spring and has for some time gained capital from different investors. During Monday publicly listed announced it will enter as a minority owner by investing 200,000 EUR – adding that it primarily is about a purchasing cooperation.

“The financing is now complete, but the other owners are not official ,” says Mikael Hagman.

But Mikael Hagman says he himself will be one of several major shareholders in the company.

The company will at first focus on Sweden, but the Nordic countries are included in the future strategy.

Why appliances?

“It is a product category that consumers do not have much knowledge in. For example, if you buy a camera most people know anyone who knows something about cameras. When it comes to appliances, you must ask a specialist dealer. We thought it was lacking a specialist knowledge online, “says Mikael Hagman.

He emphasizes that the white goods market has the advantage of having high average prices and good margins – and although it is very price-driven, Mikael Hagman says consulting and expertise with residential installation is in focus.

“We wish to have the service and knowledge Elon conveys. But we want to make it something like was from the beginning, ” he says. will not have any stock or warehouse of its own as most major brands have warehouses in Sweden and can ship direct to the customer. And if the supplier is missing or does not come to an agreement with the idea is to go through that has its stock in Finland.

Mikael Hagman himself has been a member of the board for the past two years since he suddenly left the CEO position at Media Markt in Sweden. But he tones down’s influence in the new company.

“I will continue to be a member of the board of and be CEO of Nordic AB for at least 1-2 years.”

When are you launching

“Within six months.”