Føtex director new CEO at Berlingske Media

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Mette Maix, former director of Føtex chain, has a new job already.

She’s been apponted new CEO of Berlingske Media.

As director of the supermarket chain she has lead an ambitious development of the business and its brand. Berlingske Media is in the process of renewal of the core business news services Berlingske, BT and Weekendavisen, to do the three brands more relevant to customers and position them stronger in the market.

“I am proud that the Board has selected me to head the oldest media house and thus the media are behind a large part of the Danish news coverage and contribute to the democratic debate,” says Mette Maix.

“The development of brands in a market that is changing rapidly quickly and where it is crucial to understand customers and their needs, have driven my professional life, and therefore I very much welcome to strengthen our media’s position in the market.”