Føtex Food in focus to be rolled out in Copenhagen

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Føtex has made a fresh start with Føtex Food and opened six new, smaller, stores this year – and plan to continue in the same style.
Now the concept gets a separate organization.
“We are really excited about the start we have had,” says Chain Director Mette Maix.

Dansk Handelsblad writes that there can be a similar size of the expansion next year.
Per Bank, CEO, Dansk Supermarked has expressed high hopes for the format which he says can sell a lot in a small space. The five original stores, starting in 2007, has the supermarket size between 850 and 1330 square meters. The new stores are 200-400 square meters, three are newly established and three are converted from DøgnNetto.

Mette Maix.

Mette Maix.

fotex food

“We invest a lot in getting up sales in stores, but also to open more,” says Mette Maix in an interview with Dansk Handelsblad.
She says that the small shops cover the same needs as a convenience store.
“There are some convenience elements in the chain.”
Benjamin Roel Leitner will become concept manager in the new organization.
“There will be a small but independent organization. It also means that we expect an increased tempo. We would also like to have a few more larger Food stores of around 1,000 square meters, “says Mette Maix to Dansk Handelsblad.
She estimates that all start-ups will take place in Copenhagen, where the regular customer flows are.