Fraud-accusations against fired director

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Trendsales expelled its CEO a month ago.

Now, the reason is revealed: Suspicion of fraud.

“We are working right now to get a more detailed overview of the extent of the fraud,” says Nicola Claglüna, chairman of Trendsales.

About a month ago confirmed the co-founder of Trendsales, Martin Falsely Andersen, that the director had left the company with immediate effect.

Trendsales owner Swiss TAmedia has since then conducted a study with the Audit Bureau Ernst & Young. writes that, according to the chairman, the director has fabricated an important license allowing Trendsales to operate as electronic bank outside Denmark.

TAmedia says that the company, together with the two founders of Trendsales Bo Eriksen and Martin Falslev Andersen is still “fully committed to Trendsales.” In addition, the Board of Directors is in the process of finding a permanent replacement for the fired director.

Nothing suggests that other employees were involved in the fraud, it said.

“It is important for us to emphasize that  there are no consequences for Trendsales’ users or the services that our platform offers,” says Nicola Claglüna to