Frederiksberg won Nordic shopping center award

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Frederiksberg Centret in Denmark has been awarded the title Best Nordic Shopping Center 2016.

This is the first time a Danish centre wins the title.

The prize ceremony was held on the evening on May 11 during the NCSC Nordic Awards 2016 at the Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center in Copenhagen. The competition was Itis Shopping Centre in Finland, Strømmen Storsenter in Norway and Täby Centrum in Sweden (winner 2015).

The Nordic Council of Shopping Centers (NCSC) has recognized the best achievements in the Nordic shopping center industry since 2009 by announcing a winner of the NCSC Award.

So far the award has only had Norwegian and Swedish winners. But the first Danish victory was not very surprising as Frederiksberg Centret is also winner of the European Shopping Centre Awards 2016, handed out earlier this year by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC).
This is what the jury said:

“The winner of The Best Nordic Shopping Center 2016 is characterized as an attractive contemporary city centre. It has a unique and uncompromising retail mix especially within fashion, lifestyle and dining, aiming to compete more against upscaled and pedestrian street shopping environments than against traditional shopping centres. The centre went through an innovative and challenging expansion despite it was already very well functioning.

With great focus on design, both inside and outside, both in the small details such as unique sinks at the restrooms, and in the big scale impressive external facade covering, the developers manage to enhance the ambience dramatically and pamper the costumers by giving them a great experience besides their shopping experience.

On top of all this, literally, the centre has paid attention to the green trend and placed an amount of solar panels on the roof. After the expansion and full refurbishment of the old centre the footfall has increased substantially, more than 20%, despite the very difficult market conditions.

The centre is fully leased and with a long waiting list of potential tenants the outlook of this winning shopping centre seems to be extremely good for the coming decades. It is placed in most densely populated area in the nation, probably in the Nordics, and it is placed on one – and soon two – very busy metro-lines in the metropol.

The winner of this years best Nordic Shopping Center is: Frederiksberg Centret in Copenhagen, Denmark.”