G-Max to XXL: Right back at ya´!

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Sports chains G-Max and XXL now accuse each other for the same violation
Now both G -Max and XXL run the risk of a coercive fine of up to one million NOK for misleading customers.

The Consumer Ombudsman has notified XXL about an upcoming decision, because the Ombudsman believes the sports chain has driven sales marketing with no real feed prices.

It is Gresvig Retail, which has sports chain G -Max in their division, which has appealed to XXL. An answer to XXL, who recently appealed Gresvik Retail for the same practice.

Both chains have their own lawyers with magnifying glass looking for flaws and violations of the law by marketing competitor .

In early December XXL did marketing campaigns with the phrase “Grand Opening” without specifying the cost or which items that were on sale and items that were not on sale .

“The current promotion took place despite XXL is well acquainted with the rules ,” writes Consumer Ombudsman .

Ombudsman refers to previous cases, pointing out that the sports chain in a letter dated 16 November 2011 made ​​a commitment to refrain from including using the phrase ” Grand Opening”.

Furthermore, it appears that XXL last summer confirmed that the goods would be marked clearly if the phrase should still be used.

Sports chain has been given a deadline of the end of February to comment on the case until final size of the fine is determined .