Granngården wants to be a helpful neighbor

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Granngården targets the consumer category and invests in improved navigation in their stores.
And a new service offer for technical garden products.

The Neighbours Help is a service that offers customers technological help. At first it is about assistance with the installation of robotic mowers. This fall also offered storage, troubleshooting and repair of machinery

“Many of us has dreamed about that helpful neighbor who you can ask for advice when you are there with your newly purchased robotic mower and browsing through the installation wizard. That is the position we want to fill with our new neighbor Aid,” says Per Sigvardsson, CEO of Granngården.

An enhanced store concept is also introduced where news such as improved navigation will make it easier for customers to shop as well as a broader range are part of the contents of the new store.

“There are many who believe that Granngården only caters to farmers and business, but 80 percent of our sales are to individuals who like farming, gardening, animals and nature. We usually conclude that our offer is for people who want to live the earthy life, “says Olof Fransson, Sales Manager at Granngården.

in June opens an expanded store in Södertälje with the new concept.
“We are still in the same trade area opening a new larger and more accessible shop clearly visible from the road,” says Kenneth Jakobsson, store manager Granngården Södertälje.

Granngården has 109 stores around Sweden, and e-commerce.