Grocery store launched fitting room next to pick up-point

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We’ve seen collect and return services for online orders, such as the click and collect desk in Westfield London with a fitting room to quick decide if the ordered product is a keeper.

During the summer, the pick up-point at the Swedish grocery store Ica Flygfyren in Norrtälje has introduced the concept.

Magnus Aronsson, who runs the Kvantum-store in Norrtälje that also works as pick up-point for online orders, says he saw many customers picking up their parcel and then come back a day later.

Even though this means less number of visits to the store, he claims it is a win win-situation.

”For us it is just convenient because we can directly send back the stuff. For e-retailers, this means that they receive the goods in return faster and can put them in the stock levels and faster to sell the product to another customer,” says Magnus Aronsson according to

The store put it up on its Facebook-page in June and the comments are so far very positive.

”Bring the right size home – leave the rest. If you want advice – the whole cash register crew has promised to  help out.” says the Facebook-post.

On average Swedish network customers returns 1.6 products. Clothing companies have a significantly a higher return rate.