Habitat and R.O.O.M moves out of P.U.B

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The classic department store P.U.B’s future is uncertain .

Several shops move when a floor needs be repaired.

And the property owner has no answer about the future.


Fashion magazine Habit writes that furniture stores Habitat and ROOM are moving to Täby Centrum in August. And in January is Aplace moving out.

The reason is he repair work that the property owner Axfast begin in autumn for the whole floor. The lease for the clothing store Aplace expire at the end of January and the contract has not been renewed.

But what will happen when the repair work is completed, the property owner Axfast not informed neither ROOM ‘s CEO Per Krook or Aplace partner Kalle Tollmar about.

– No. They’ve put a lid on that, says Kalle Tollmar to Habit.

Department Store Manager Anna Zellman, who Habit has talked to, has no convincing answer:

“We are looking at different options. There are different ways to go. “

“The information that P.U.B iwill be fully rebuilt is wrong”, says Anna Zellman.

Axfast, part of the Axel Johnson Group, bought the property by Atrium Ljungberg and took office on February 1 this year. Besides P.U.B it includes hotel tenant Rica. It is Rica’s plumbing system which is poor and now is to be repaired.

There is no date when the work will be completed.