Half of Gallerix survives

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Gift- and framechain Gallerix, that went in to administration a month ago, rises.

20 out of 56 stores will survive.

The trustee’s buyer is the new company Gallerix AB, owned by Johan Bjarke and Mats Gullbrandsson.

– The new business direction seems to be about the same as before, says liquidator Christopher Hamilton to dagenshandel.se

The former CEO for Gallerix will remain the same, Johan Sunnerstam.

35 self-owned stores will close. 16 franchise-owned stores has not been directly affected by the bankruptcy. But since the new company also will be the owner of the brand they will not be allowed to keep the name Gallerix.

In 2011 new owners of Gallerix started buyouts of franchise-owned stores, which is considered to by the liquidator to be the main reason of the chain’s problems.