”It’s hard to find store spaces in Norway”

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Kjell & Company has announced it’s first establishment in Norway – but might have difficulties to accelerate.

”It’s hard to find vacant premises in Norway”, establishment manager Mikael Dahnelius comments.

To market.se, Mikael Dahnelius says the reason for international expansion is that consumer electronics accessories chain Kjell & Company does not need more stores in Sweden. The maximum is about 100 stores, today there are 82. This year 8-10 new stores will open. Most of the remaining stores will then end up in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Now he is looking at his neighbor countries, Norway is first in line. But Finland and Denmark is most likely the next markets.

But the pace of establishments in Sweden is tough to reach in Norway.
”We are well known and have a good reputation with the property owners. But there must also be vacant premises. And there are not many empty spaces waiting for us in the shopping centers we ‘d like to enter,” Mikael Dahnelius says.