Hard to reach CRM-goals – Ica, H&M and Åhlens inspire most

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Only one of five Swedish companies reach their CRM goals according to a new survey.
But Ica is the company that most people draw their inspiration from and look up to, followed by H&M and Åhléns.

The new CRM barometer is a joint initiative of Wiraya, Netigate and industry organization Swedma. 249 CRM managers  answered how they are inspired by how other companies work with Customer Relationship Management.

3 out of 10 respondents to the CRM barometer does not measure customer satisfaction at all today. After a deeper look into those 30 percent, the figures show that the trend is clear; the larger the organization, the greater the proportion which measures customer satisfaction.

The companies where their customers conduct one-off transactions for each purchase have most difficult to reach the targets. Pure B2B companies believe CRM work to be more profitable and priority than the B2C business and those who work against both B2B and B2C.

“Swedish companies are aware of the importance of conducting effective CRM efforts and are continually looking for new sources of inspiration and comparison. Therefore, we are pleased to finally be able to present a report that includes current and relevant insight into how Swedish companies operate profitable customer relationship. “Says Oskar Klingberg, CEO of Wiraya.