They are Clas Ohlson’s three Nordic commercial faces

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Clas Ohlson adapts a humoristic approach for the new autumn-campaigns.

In short documentary films, actors Ingemar Raukola, Tom Bertling and Halvor Bakke will showcase products and solve everyday challenges.

The marketing concept aims to present a wide range of products and novelty products in a fun and memorable way, in a chatty style by the home stylist Tom Bertling for UK and Swedish customers, by Halvor Bakke for Norway and the Torne valley actor Ingemar Raukola in Finland.

“Ingemar documentaries cleverly showcases Clas Ohlson products and at the same time solves the everyday small and large challenges with a personal, chatty style. Ingemar is also a passionate decorator and will be happy to share ideas and tips for the home, “says Finnish Clas Ohlson Marketing and Communications Manager Marika Jirout.

The tv-ads will be 10 to 30-second films, while the content in social network has 1-2 minutes duration together with hundreds of different 10-second product films. The actors present home renovation and styling ideas, while the short product films, focus on products and their uses.

The electronic media campaign is supported by a nationwide newspaper advertising and Clas Ohlson’s own channels: e-commerce, 32 stores and customer service.

”Our aim is to record 5,000 videos this year,” says Lars-Johan Strand, director of Marketing at Clas Ohlson.