Here’s the first Nordic Social Supermarket

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This is the first Nordic Social Supermarket.
Stockholms Stadsmission and Axfood plans to open it in the suburb Rågsved at year-end. The goal is to utilize 200 tonnes of surplus food and offering groceries to the economically vulnerable for one third of the normal price.

“For us Matmissionen is a dream come true,” says Marika Markovits, director of Stockholm’s City Mission.

Around New Year Matmissionen will open in central Rågsved. A grocery store that reduces food waste by selling goods near the best before date to make it easier for people living in economical vulnerability offering low prices and creating jobs for people currently outside the labor market.

The store is a pilot project established in collaboration between Stockholms Stadsmission and Axfood (Willys and Hemköp), where Stockholms Stadsmission owns and is responsible for operation of the store and Axfood is co-founder and assists with food, finance and knowledge.

The shop aims to safeguard over 200 tonnes of unsold food in 2016. In addition to the store itself is a social venture, any revenue from the store will go to the development of the Stockholm City Mission’s work on labor integration and food waste.

“The concept is unique in this way because we can reduce vulnerability and enhance empowerment under the same roof by providing economically disadvantaged families with affordable goods while creating jobs for people today who are completely outside of work,” says Marika Markovits, Director Stockholm City Mission.

Matmissionen are open to everyone but will offer membership to people who live in economic deprivation, which means that members will be able to buy food for a third of the usual retail price. During the first year, 20 people currently outside the labor market will be offered job training in the shop.

The products in the store will be the ones that are close to, or who have just passed near the expiration date, or for other reasons not possible to sell in a regular store. The goal is to help reduce the overall food waste which all food stores contend with.

”The most climate-smart is not throwing food. Matmissionen is not only a social effort, it is also a good contribution to a more sustainable consumption,” said Åsa Domeij, Head of Environment and Social Responsibility at Axfood.

With the project are also a dozen co-financiers of food production, which will also donate goods to be sold.