High profiled Fornebu opens with unique store mix

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The worlds most environmental friendly shopping centre so far opens in Oslo tomorrow. Fornebu is the first centre to be awarded “Outstanding” by the BREEAM-classification.

But the visitors will probably notice the unusual store mix first.

Fornebu is located as a peninsula in Oslo, besides the shopping centre a complete new village with 25 000 citizens and 30 000 daily jobs. The centre is supposed to be a destination for the region with 80 stores and restaurants on 24 000 square meters.

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the world’s oldest and Europe’s leading environmental rating tool. The BREEAM-classification honours Fornebu’s design and environmental friendly planning into last detail.

This strong focus on the environment was rewarded already a year before the center opened, then Fornebu S received BREEAM award “outstanding”.

”It means a lot to us, KLP, and also for Fornebu S to get this award. There is visible evidence of the way we work. We are on track to achieve “outstanding” also for the building as soon as they are completed”, said a proud Environment Manager at KLP Property AS, Heidi Lyngstad.

The areas being considered include the building’s energy use, indoor air quality, lighting, choice of materials, transport and waste management. Fornebu S, for example, has two thousand square meters of solar panels on the roof and use a lot of natural materials like wood and stone.

Except for the “Outstanding”-award there are more unique features at Fornebu. Usually, a shopping centre has a few percent of independent stores, not belonging to any chain. Fornebu has 12 percent of this category.

”Those who live at Snarøya, Fornebu and Lysaker are consumers with great purchasing power –  and with great expectations and demands on stores and products. To become a natural destination for this region we can’t just settle with the big familiar brands everyone expexts to find here. We have to tempt with something else – and that’s why our unusual store mix has been our choice from day one”, Elisabeth Selvik Hjelle tells Estatenyheter.no.