Highest rise in Danish private consumption since 2010

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Danish purchases via the popular debit card Dankort have risen by 2.2 percent in the last three months.

It is the highest rise in three months since 2010 and is a good sign for the economy, according to analysts.

”Dankort’s figures are the best indicator of the overall consumer spending. Right now they show a rise in private consumption, which is faster than we had in the past year”, says Lars Olsen, private economist at Danske Bank, to Børsen.

Over one billion transactions was conducted using Dankort in 2013.

The figures and the rise alone can not give the whole picture of the Danish economy. But according to Fredrik Pedersen, chief analyst at  AE it is good news anyway.
”Private consumption represents a large part of the domestic demand, and in recent years it has been an Achilles heel for the Danish economy”, he says to Børsen.