How Reitan Convenience reduced phone frauds by 75 %

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As convenience chains Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven started selling mobile phones, the frauds were massive.

But since the start of last summer – a small change in the sales procedure ended 75 percent of the frauds.

Telecom actor Comviq and Reitan Convenience Sweden AB  is a partnership where 340 of Pressbyrån- and 7-Eleven stores are distributors of Comviq’s services and phones. Since its inception in December 2012, the stores have distributed almost 47 000 subscriptions of which 30,000 with a mobile phone. Thus, Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven are together one of Comviq’s largest retailer.

Initially the stores were hit of massive frauds in which perpetrators came across phones using false identification documents. Several leagues traveled around the country in order to trick the phone and both corporate security departments worked hard to support the police in their efforts to arrest the fraudsters.

Together Reitan Convenience and Comviq developed a sales procedures to ensure that the right person was in the store and picked up a phone.

”It feels good to see that our safety has reached good results and that the stores are involved in the new routines,” says Lars Eklund, Head of Security at Reitan Convenience.

Before the summer a requirement of a 2 SEK card payments were introduced and thus the frauds fell by 75 percent.

”It’s very pleasing that the change contributed to such a successful result and the two Swedish crowns paid by the customer are returned on their first invoice so all parties are delighted,” says Pernilla Pelsenius, Fraud investigator at Comviq.