Humac and Eplehuset switches stores across the border

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It’s a Nordic exchange. Or a double bite from the Apple Premium Resellers.
Eplehuset becomes Humac in Denmark.
And Humac becomes Eplehuset in Norway.

The barter deal between the two Apple Premium resellers was announced late Thursday.
In Norway, eight Humac-stores, business department and service center will turn into Eplehuset that now will have 20 Norwegian stores.
In return, Humac receives seven Eplehuset-stores and service center in Denmark – which means Humac’s got 19 Danish stores and six service centers.
Managing director and principal owner of Eplehuset, Bjørn Tore Brevik, tells it’s a natural strategic development as a result of the strong pressure in the consumer electronics market.
”We have shown healthy operations and profitability in Norway through 12 years of the world’s strongest brands in our stores. Through this move, we ensure both growth and profitability for the company going forward, not to mention increased accessibility for customers through these new stores.”
Eplehuset is a Norwegian company based in Trondheim. Since 2002, the company has opened and operated stores across the country, in addition to its own online store.
Humac is owned by Russian Inventive Retail Group who runs about 240 mono brand stores. Country manager Michael Bech makes the same statement as his Norwegian colleague,
”All employees and stores continues as before, but under our umbrella. We operate with the same regulated system as we are part of the Apple. We see no reason to make changes”, says Bjørn Tore Brevik to E24.
Neither Denmark or Norway have any Apple stores – but for Danes it’s not far to Emporia in Malmö.